An example of an essay

Every lesson is hard to learn but one you got it , it’s easier to follow it. Decisions have consequences whether good or bad. But the bad ones are those who changes us and make us better persons if we let it. No one has changed because good things had happened to him or her. Every time when heart is sad it seeks ways to get out of the sadness. Those ways are: faith, will, and hope.

Faith can be find in your spirit. If you feel spiritually strong , maybe you have strong faith. This is the main reason to feel free from all the worries faith makes the impossible. More about that you could find at

Will is in your mind. If you are person with strong power over the body you have a will. If you prefer to finish a task rather than sitting home or having fun, that’s a strong will. Will doesn’t always have to be desirable. Many times it may be forced by yourself. The power is in your mind!

Hope is in your heart. If you have pure heart you must also have love. Hope and love come together usually. But hope is making things going and hope is what supports us and give us purpose.